Lead Testing Information

Lead Information
The second set of water sampling and testing resulted in the identification of 25 water sources that had lead levels that exceeded the permissible level.   Twenty three of these were samples from restroom sinks, many of which are not used because either there is a classroom sink which the students use for washing their hands following bathroom use or the sinks were located in a restroom with several sinks.  The remaining two water sources with high levels were from classroom sinks that are not being currently used as a classroom.  The good news is that all of the typical sources of drinking water including bubblers, fountains and water for food preparation tested below the permissible level.
Immediate action was taken once results were available.  Water to all the 25 identified areas was secured or sinks were wrapped in plastic and signs posted to indicate water was not to be consumed in these areas.  District administration is working with the Architect and Engineering firm hired for the capital project, to replace faucets in the areas impacted and retest the water in the areas.  Once a time line is established for the corrective work, it will be posted on the web site.

Middle/High School:
The laboratory results for the 105 samples taken from water sources at the Middle/High school have been received. Water from 15 sink faucets were identified as having lead levels that exceeded the permissible level.   Ten of the faucets are located in science laboratories.  The district’s chemical hygiene plan restricts the use the water in a laboratory setting for consumption.  Signs reflecting this are posted in each of the science rooms.
Four of the faucets supply restroom sinks.  Since there are other sinks available in the identified restrooms, the water supply has been secured to the faucets having unacceptable levels.  Signs are also posted.  Faucets will be replaced and water retested. 
The last high level was found in a kitchen sink that is not used on a regular basis due to its location in the kitchen.  Water is NOT used for drinking or food preparation from this faucet.  Water has been secured to this area.  Since the sink provides no real function the kitchen, the water will be permanently secured.

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